The Sacramento Poetry Center has been a literary resource since 1979.


The Sacramento Poetry Center’s mission is to promote and advance the practice and application of poetry and the literary arts in our community, to enliven and extend the cultural boundaries of Sacramento’s literary arena by creating and maintaining forums for local writers; to support and empower emerging and established poets, and to bring the best practitioners of the craft into the community.

Sacramento Poetry Center
1719 25th Street
Sacramento, CA 95816

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B O A R D   O F   D I R E C T O R S

Bob Stanley, President
Tim Kahl, Vice President, Hosting Coordinator
Rhony Bhopla, Treasurer
Allie Gove, Secretary, Membership, Editor Poetry Now
Samir Benouar, Assistant Editor, Poetry Now
Linda Collins, Membership

Nancy Aidé Gonzalez, Assist. Editor Tule Review, Host Mosaic of Voices
Frank Graham, Editor, Tule Review
Dennis Hock, Host
Bethanie Humphreys, Host, Gallery Curator
Penny Kline, Host, Digital Publicist
Jennifer Pickering, Board Member at Large
Emmanuel Sigauke, Host
Wendy Williams, Host
Mary Zeppa, Archivist, Co-Host Third Thursday Poetry

A D V I S O R Y   B O A R D   O F   D I R E C T O R S

Lawrence Dinkins, Co-Host Third Thursday Poetry
Phillip Larrea, Host Sacramento Voices
Indigo Moor, Sacramento Poet Laureate

Alex Russell, Real Poets

Poetry Now Editors

Allie Gove, Editor
Samir Benouar, Assistant Editor
Mary Zeppa, Advising Editor
Tim Kahl, Advising Editor
Rhony Bhopla, Advising Editor




Poetry marches on…

Joyce and I saw a lot of insightful and clever signs at the Women’s March in Sacramento in January, and it gave us hope that there are a lot of articulate folks expressing their anger and concern out there. Political signs are like poems in some ways – the shape of the sign gives us a form to use in order to make our point, tell a story, convey an emotion. A form to shape words and images to bring about action or reflection. Are signs poems? Poems signs? If nothing else, I was reminded that we must wield our poems, and we have to craft them well.

The SPC board held an offsite meeting on the last Sunday in January, and we and talked about ways to get more poetry to more people in 2017 and beyond. A few non-board members were also able to attend – we thank Heather Judy and new Sacramento Poet Laureate Indigo Moor for their considerable contributions to the discussions. Three of our long-time members, Lawrence Dinkins, Phillip Larrea, and Alex Russell are stepping down as board members, but each of them will continue to serve as volunteers. We’re also pleased that local poet and entrepreneur Samir Benouar has joined the board. Among other topics, our retreat addressed plans to bring more young adults to SPC, and you’ll be hearing about these programs soon. We also talked about how to get the word out more effectively, using Twitter and other social media with more regularity. Board Secretary Allie Gove just sent us the four-page recap of all the discussions and action items, so we all have new work on behalf of poetry and poetry programs. Best of all, it was a chance to spend a little time with a dedicated group of poets and friends that rarely has a chance to chat. Thanks to everyone who came!

Our April conference is set for Saturday, April 29th at the Poetry Center. Mark the date now, as we plan to have half a dozen excellent creative writing teachers to choose from. I think this is the tenth year that Tim Kahl has organized this event, and for every one of those years, he has provided provocative and diverse group leaders. At under $50 for a full day of writing workshops, it’s the best poetry deal in town!



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P O E T R Y    N O W

2017 – 1

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Sananaa Chochezi--Tanzania.jpg
Tanzania by Sananaa Chochezi

Sananaa Chochezi--Beach Sunset.jpg
Beach Sunset by Sananaa Chochezi

Jane Blue--pink flower.jpeg
Geranium with Rose by Jane Blue

Jane Blue--orange flower.jpeg
Parrot Tulip by Jane Blue

Katy Brown--apples.jpg
Apples by Katy Brown

Katy Brown--rose in snow.jpg
Rose in Snow by Katy Brown

Layne Russell--agapantha.jpg
Swallowtail Agapantha by Layne Russell

Layne Russell--pomegranate.jpg
Pomegranate by Layne Russell


V.S. Chochezi has a vast array of photos from her travels, and participation in many events and activities. She is an educator, writer, editor, photographer, broken glass mosaic artist, mother of two brilliant daughters and grandmother of three amazing grandchildren. Chochezi has a doctorate in education from Drexel University. She is perhaps best known as part of Straight Out Scribes, a renowned mother/daughter poetry and spoken word duo. Learn more at www.straightoutscribescom

Jane Blue has lived in Sacramento for 37 years and is a poet with three books and publication in anthologies, magazines and e-zines.

Katy Brown met Alfred Eisnestaedt when she was a freshman in college.  He told her that her work showed great promise.  She’s been trying to live up to the promise ever since.

Leslye Layne Russell, aka Apple Crisp, is a photographer, poet, singer-songwriter, and dancer, native Northern Californian and first-wave baby boomer, born in Chico and raised in Redding. Her poetry has appeared in numerous publications and her photography can be found at https://www.flickr.com/photos/applecrisp .


March 2017 at Sacramento Poetry Center EVENTS:
All events at SPC, 1719 25th St between Q and R, unless otherwise noted. 
All events are subject to change.

Sunday, March 5th, 2:00 pm
Mosaic of Voices: Kenneth Chacón, Marisol Baca, & Michael Medrano
Avid Reader at Tower

1600 Broadway
Sacramento, CA 95818
Hosted by Nancy Aidé González

Monday, March 6th, 7:30 pm
Women’s History Reading
Sacramento Poetry Center
Hosted by Wendy Williams

Monday, March 13th, 7:30 pm
Carlos Reyes and Arturo Mantecon
Sacramento Poetry Center
Hosted by Tim Kahl

Tuesday, March 14th, 7:30 pm
Archana Venkatesan & Sikkil Gurucharan
Sacramento Poetry Center
Hosted by Rhony Bhopla

Thursday, March 16th, 12 noon
Third Thursday
Sacramento Room, Central Library
828  I  St.
Sacramento, CA 95814
Hosted by Mary Zeppa and Lawrence Dinkins

Saturday, March 18th, 4:30 pm
Sacramento Voices: Laura Rosenthal and Sue Daly
Sacramento Poetry Center
Hosted by Phillip Larrea

Monday, March 20th, 7:30 pm
Women’s Wisdom Anthology Reading
Sacramento Poetry Center
Hosted by Penny Kline

Saturday, March 25th, 10:00am
Writer’s on the Air Open Mic Featuring Jennifer Pickering
Sacramento Poetry Center
Hosted by Todd Boyd

Saturday, March 25th, 7:30 pm
The Soft Offs’ Moetry Fundraiser for Sacramento Poetry Center
At the Sacramento Poetry Center
Hosted by The Soft Offs

Monday, March 27th, 7:30 pm
William O’Daly and JS Graustein
Sacramento Poetry Center
Hosted by Tim Kahl

Saturday, April 1st, 8:00am-6:30pm
1st Annual Sierra Poetry Festival
Sierra College NCC
Hosted by Nevada County Arts

Sierra College Nevada County Campus
250 Sierra College Dr
Grass Valley, California


With support of RT Metro, and help from 916 INK, Mary Zeppa, Laura Martin, and Angela Tannehill are continuing to put poetry into Sacramento buses! Based on similar programs in New York and Chicago, our program, Poets on Board, features local youth poets and local artists.



Submit your poetry, photography, or book reviews through Submittable.  The link is provided below.  A preference is given to artists in the Northern California Region.

Please include your biography, and if submitting more than one poem, include all of your poetry in a single document.  No PDFs, or other.  Times New Roman and 12 font is preferred.

Submissions are accepted year-round.  Each contributor may be published a maximum of 2 times a year.

Kindly do not send submissions via email or post mail.

Thank you.



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