Insignificant Leaf by Alysa Joerger
Abandoned, Overgrown by Alysa Joerger
Papa in Cabo San Lucas
Papa in Cabo San Lucas by Jeanine Stevens
Graffiti in Florence
Graffiti in Florence
Moon by Donna Pacini-Christensen
Handprint by Donna Pacini-Christensen
nanci woody deer pic
Back Yard Breakfast by Nanci Lee Woody

P H O T O G R A P H E R  S

Alysa Joerger has only begun sharing her creations, yet she has already received awards for her photography and poetry. While she is working in Loomis and attending Sierra College, she continues to paint, write poetry, take photographs, create digital artwork, and otherwise dabble in the arts with her spare time.

Jeanine Stevens is interested in street scenes, back alleys and open-air markets. Recently she was able to scavenge billboards in Arles and Paris for collage materials. In her writing life, Jeanine admires the “city” poems of O’Hara and Baudelaire. She has a poem series based on photographs of women: “New Delhi,” won the MacGuffin Poet Hunt (judged by Philip Levine), and “Frida in a White Dress” received a Pushcart Nomination.

D.B. Pacini-Christensen is a published novelist, poet, and reviewer. She is a vocalist and a photographer with a passion for photographing live performances. In 2004 she started A Starry Night Productions with her husband Tim Christensen. In 2009 they began hosting acoustic music jams. Those jams transformed and are now a popular open mic music showcase series in Woodbridge, CA.

Nanci Lee Woody was a teacher, author of textbooks in business math and accounting and Dean of Business at American River College before she wrote her first novel. “Tears and Trombones” won an IPPY (Independent Publishers) Medal for “Best Fiction in the Western Pacific.” She has also published numerous short stories and poems both online and in print anthologies. Nanci always has her camera in hand, and loves particularly to photograph birds and animals. Her artwork has shown in local galleries and in the KVIE annual on-air fund raisers.