Stark Perch
Stark Perch by Jason Shapiro


Feather Dew
Feathew Dew by Jason Shapiro


Ascending at Twilight
Ascending at Twilight by Ali Lichtenstein


Rocky Shore of the Atlantic, Southern Maine
Rocky Shore of the Atlantic, Southern Maine by Ali Lichtenstein


California Landscape - Field and Sand Mine, Monterey Bay
California Landscape: Field and Sand Mine, Monterey Bay by Gillian Wegener


California Landscape - Marina with Paddleboarders, Monterey Bay
California Landscape: Marina with Paddleboarders, Monterey Bay by Gillian Wegener


Belle of Giverny
Belle of Giverny by Bethanie Humphreys


Beetle's Prayer
Beetle’s Prayer by Bethanie Humphreys



P H O T O G R A P H E R  S

Jason Stephen Shapiro hails from a background in theater, photography, and radio. He Served on the American River Review as a fiction editor in 2012 at American River College, and was poetry editor for the Caleveras Station Arts & Literary Journal, before becoming Executive Editor at Sac State and is pursuing his M.A. in creative writing. Jason’s works are published in the ARR, The Gapped Tooth Madness, and Poetry Now.

Ali Lichtenstein uses her camera to capture mood, place, and memories. She taught women/gender studies and writing at Keene State College in New Hampshire before moving to Sacramento in 2014. Ali currently teaches ESL at Sacramento ESL, and multi-genre writing and fiber/mixed media at Women’s Wisdom Art, where she also serves as the Board Chair.

Gillian Wegener lives and writes in California’s Central Valley. She is the author of a chapbook, Lifting One Foot, Lifting the Other (In the Grove Press, 2001), and two full-length collections, The Opposite of Clairvoyance (2008) and This Sweet Haphazard (2017) both from Sixteen Rivers Press. She is the founding president of the Modesto-Stanislaus Poetry Center, and a former poet laureate for the City of Modesto.

Bethanie Humphreys is a writer, editor, and mixed media visual artist. She is also curator for the Sacramento Poetry Center Art Gallery, and hosts Hot Poetry in the Park.  Her poetry and fiction has been published in several literary magazines including Nonbinary Review, Found Poetry Review, American River Review, and Sacramento Voices. Her goal is to further the cross-pollinization of literary and visual arts. See more at:

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