President’s Message

I’ve been volunteering with the Poetry Center for over twenty years now, and for every one of those years, SPC has held its annual fundraiser at the Millers’ beautiful home on 40th Street in East Sacramento. If you haven’t seen their home (it’s an art gallery), or had a chance to spend a few minutes talking with these remarkable people, you have missed out on a Sacramento experience. Mimi and Burnett Miller are the kindest, sharpest, most well-travelled people that I know, and their generosity has helped SPC and dozens of other local arts organizations in a big way. We’re honored once again to be able to join the Millers at their home for a festive evening on Wednesday, November 29th. We start at 6:00 and end about 8:00, so don’t be late. There will be food, wine, and entertainment. The program starts at 7:00 with an a cappella group from the CSUS Vocal Jazz department, then poetry from the incomparable Indigo Moor (with bassist Gerry Pineda). Don’t miss it!

1224 40th Street.

Thanks to all the volunteers who helped make 2017 a great year at SPC – new board members are taking on responsibilities, and we look forward to 2018. Stuart Canton is your new Poetry Now editor; Allie Gove will be editing Tule Review beginning this year. Frank Graham has edited Tule Review for the last few years, and passes the torch, having done a tremendous job, both with the publication itself and the outreach to bring in new writers, artists, and readers. Bravo!

Nancy Aidé Gonzales, Phillip Larrea, Lawrence Dinkins, and Linda Collins have left SPC’s board of directors, and we thank them for their dedicated service! Fortunately, Stuart Canton and Heather Judy have recently joined, and we have a few more who soon will join our team. If you’re interested in helping with the many tasks of running an independent poetry center (there aren’t too many such organizations!), please let us know. Board meetings are at 6pm on the second Monday of every month (at SPC, before the readings), and interested parties are welcome to attend!

The next two meetings are December 11 and January 8 at SPC. The people on the board are the people who make it happen!

Thanks again to all of you: the readers and the listeners and the artists and the hosts and the editors and the helpers. SPC continues to thrive because people are willing to spend their time organizing, hosting, and supporting poetry events. We are fortunate to have such a giving community of poets. We hope to see you at the Millers, and at SPC in 2018.