We want to get things started by introducing the beginning of themed calls for submissions. Poetry Now has always welcomed all poetry from the greater Sacramento region, and we will continue to do so, but we will now add a special, themed section for each issue, in case a prompt inspires you to write more. In a way, it doubles the poetry and publishing opportunity.


Our first theme is aimed right at the heart of Sacramento. This city has been changing a  lot recently and going through some growing pains. If you have poetry about any aspect of this we’d love to feature it. Topics could be as serious as our rise in homelessness, and the climbing cost of living, to the many restaurants and bars that are building up a new kind of nightlife. Maybe you were surprised by Ladybird’s talented impact? Maybe you were angry that people were surprised by this city’s talent. Maybe you are excited to be The Farm To Fork Capital? Or maybe you still believe we are The City of Trees? Write us a poem. We aren’t too concerned with form but we’d like it to be more than function. Send us your crafted words on the movement of Sactown. The first quarter of 2018 will feature the accepted poems.